Some time ago I sat in the cinema and let myself be enchanted by Wes Anderson’s “Asteroid City”.
At one point, Matt Dillon, hunched over a television, proclaims, “Everything is connected- but nothing is working.” I probably laughed a tad too loudly and threw a load of mercilessly salty popcorn into my mouth.
That’s exactly how the work around the book “MOMENTS- Interviews about Womanhood and Resilience” has felt for many months now.
The events surrounding the completion of the book and the publication process could fill a book in themselves and are beyond the scope of a blog post. The heads of those around me regularly shook, and comments such as “I can’t believe it, now this?”, “So much work, so much bad luck,” or “I would have given up long ago,” accumulated.
Defiantly, I claimed that it would get easier from now on. Giving up was not an option, and the reason was that I simply could not. At a certain point, a piece of work is too far advanced to let it go to waste. And promises made want to be kept, after all.
If I have learned a lot during this time of overseeing this project with forty different persons and working with a wide variety of people? Definetly.
If I had put a lot of things aside for this book to exist in the form it does here? That’s right.
If I missed working on my own writing? Absolutely.
So, after all the stumbling blocks put in the way, after all the delays that I had no control over by any stretch of imagination, it still feels unrealistic.
But on 13th of September 2023 the book
MOMENTS -Interviews about Womanhood and Resilience will be published!
I can finally give my daughter, to whom the book is dedicated, her copy.
Finally the participants get their books, finally it flutters into the world and hopefully finds its way to the people who can draw joy and inspiration from it.
So this book is in the starting blocks for the official launch, and I’m giving it an encouraging wave.
Now it’s high time to devote myself again to my novel characters, who have been very patient so far. But now they stand there with their arms folded and their feet toddling, wanting their stories to be written down.