Fairy Tales

about fairies and nature

Fairy Tales

Adventures of the garden fairy Layla and her friends

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Stories for children and those who are still kids at heart.

One summer I was accosted, while gardening,
by an idea on stories about a garden fairy.
I shook off the soil, washed my hands and immediately sat down at my desk.
Since then, several episodes have emerged.

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Illustrators, heads up!

The fairies here have lost their illustrator!

To make it happen that those stories make it into the world of humans, they need a new one!
Interested? You need to be able to:

Portray the characters in different postures with different facial expressions. You should also be able to draw animals, sections of a garden, pond, forest edge and a tree house. If you feel addressed, get in touch with their writer!

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Stories for childen
and those
who are still kids at heart.

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