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Just as the hummingbird flies long distances to reach its nectar, I find inspiration for stories wanting to be written down in all kinds of places.
Castles of thoughts set in the nineties led to the novel Sommerfrische (Summer Retreat).
To collect interviews for MOMENTS, I traveled around, also through the magical portal of the Internet.
Stays in gardens and forests gifted me with fairy stories.
In blog posts, I lift the curtain behind the scenes of my current writing projects.

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About me

Although my dream to write started at a young age, I only got around to it later in life.
First discarded as too bold, then pushed aside by the twists and turns of a vibrant life, it took some time until I finally sat down on my desk, not just every once in a while, but on a regular basis.


The path from this decision to the completion of my first novel Sommerfrische (Summer Retreat) was an eventful and unforgettable journney. The next major project was the launch of a sequel to this story, the novel Hier können sie neu beginnen.


In fall 2019 I started to work on the interview project MOMENTS – Interviews About Womanhood And Resilience. During the Corona Pandemic, it got extra attention and time. After an intensive revision period, the book will be published in September 2023.

Fairy Tales

Especially dear to my heart are stories about a garden fairy and her friends. Here I combine some herbal knowledge of the Alps with my passion of writing.

Being a member of the Vorarlberg Literary Association and the writers association (IG Autorinnen und Autoren) enables refreshing networking with other writers and lures me away from my desk to attend various readings.

If you have questions about my writing, feel free to reach out.

Moments Ullrike Waldbach

New release

MOMENTS – Interviews About Womanhood And Resilience

novel Sommerfrische writer


A novel about

fee children stories writer

Fairy Tales

Exciting experiences of the garden fairy Layla and her friends.

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Yoga and Creative Writing in California


A behind-the-scenes look at current writing.

Writer Author Blog


A look behind the scenes of the current writing work



Moments Ullrike Waldbach

Feeling annoyed by the limiting and stereotypical views of women portrayed in the media?
This collection of forty portraits is an invitation to widen our horizon and to develop strategies for our own growth.
By sharing their insights with wisdom and humor, the participants of this unique project offer a huge pool of inspiration. Thus, the possibility of finding the courage for upcoming transition phases and becoming more resilient may appear more clearly.Feel encouraged to pursue your dreams without compromising.

ISBN 978-3-99159-018-7 Paperback
ISBN 978-3-99159-019-4 eBook

„As a writer, I love stories and strongly believe that shared experiences and storytelling itself have consoling, soothing maybe even healing effects.”
“I invite you to read the following insights, shared in the unique voices of the participants.
May it offer inspiration and joy to young and old, and to all who walk the path in between.“

Ulrike Waldbach

Judith Holofernes

„Practice kindness and actual, connection. But don’t confuse it with being nice and be bold and unapologetically strong when you need to be. But this absolutely applies to boys, too. I just think that women have more problems with it“

Neema Namadamu

„I encourage everyone to experience their journey, to be present, engaged, enthralled, surprised, sad, disappointed, frustrated, happy, amazed and overjoyed. It matters.“

moments woman interviews motivation
Sherry Vine

„Don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks-be you!“


sommerfrische novel


A novel
about friendship

Three women, three lives, a youth spent together. Summer is just around the corner and Lena, Eliza and Frida are swirling through their respective daily lives.

Lena lives in the countryside and hopes for nothing more from the summer than a week’s camping vacation in the Salzkammergut with her family. In Vienna, Eliza needs extra therapy hours to prepare for her annual family visit to Lech, and Frida tries to keep her little boarding house going in La Gomera. When her husband José gives her every reason to leave the island, she spontaneously checks in with her former flatmate Lena, whose life is thrown off kilter by this visit and the events that follow.

Old stories emerge, intertwine with those of the present, and form new ones.

The summer develops differently than expected for all three and holds new paths and surprises.

“This story is told in an uncompromising, clear and above all funny way, with an added dose of black humor it remains turbulent and exciting until the last page!”

Milena Moser

fee children stories writer
Children story author fairies
author writer

Fairy Tales

Stories for childen
and those
who are still kids at heart.

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